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30 June 2013 – Mildura VIC

Our decision to drive through to Mildura yesterday was justified when we were able to set our alarm for 8:00am.  It was not all that cold when we awoke and after running our AC in heat mode for about 20 minutes, the temperature had risen in the van by about 8 degrees.  Unfortunately our washing was still wet but the full day in Mildura should see the washing dry.

After breakfast we headed to the local Rays Camping store and then BCF.  We were after an aluminium step as our current plastic entry step is slipping all over the place and could cause an accident.  BCF had exactly what we were after.

After a quick visit to Coles and then Kmart, we headed back into NSW and to a local attraction called “Orange World”.  We visited this place in May last year and were impressed with both the oranges and mandarins they produce.  We enjoyed our first non-instant coffee since leaving home and then compared two different oranges by taste, one was called a “Washington” (which we love) and the other, a “Leng”.   Whilst the “Leng” was nice, our preference for the “Washington” was confirmed.  We were able to purchase a bag of these oranges and we were given a permit which should see us able to transport the oranges into South Australia.

We stopped by the Murray River on our return journey and took some photographs of a couple of paddle wheelers and the bird life on the river. The Murray is very low and apparently there is some work happening somewhere that as required the lowering of the river.

We had lunch in the caravan and had a lazy afternoon.  “He” did some maintenance on the feet of the van stabilisers (the AL-KO foot goes on in a particular direction so they lock into the plate when extended at 45 degrees) and also repacked the gear in the rear of the Nissan.  We also got the washing dry.

We cooked our evening meal outside before it got cold and then settled for an evening in front of the television.  Lights went out about 11:00pm.


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