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28 June 2013 – Gundagai to Narrandera NSW

We had a good sleep protected from the low temperature by the shelter which also masked the sound of the traffic on the adjacent Hume Highway.

We took our time in having breakfast and preparing for our departure and were on the road a little before 9:00am.

We had dual carriageway for the first 40 kilometers of the trip before we departed the Hume to commence our westward journey on the Sturt Highway.  We will actually travel just over 771 kilometers on this road before we leave the Sturt Highway near Barmera in South Australia.  This will also be the longest distance we have ever travelled west on this road.

Before we knew it we had arrived in Wagga Wagga where we decided to head into the Wagga Wagga CBD.  In hindsight this was probably the wrong decision bearing in mind we had the caravan behind us.  Whilst we were able to find parking, it was a fair distance from the shops and the parking was restricted to 1 hour.  We decided to forego shopping and were soon heading back to the highway.

Before leaving Wagga Wagga we had a look at the Wagga Showground which is the site for the Stone The Crows Festival next Easter.  The site is massive and will provide an excellent venue for the festival.  One thing that we did notice were signs stating that alcohol and glass are not permitted on the site.  Hopefully this will not apply to the festival next year.

The remainder of the trip to Narrandera was uneventful  with the trip completed with cruise control engaged and set at 90kph.  We experienced no effect from passing trucks today and our Milenco mirrors appear to be doing a perfect job.

We arrived at the caravan park about 11:30am, checked in, setup, had lunch and then drove into Narrandera to have a look around.

After a quick stop at a local hardware store and an even quicker stop at Coles, we returned to the caravan park to have an easy afternoon.  Digital TV is great with 30 channels but for some reason, we cannot get channel 9.

“He” received a text message from friends we are meeting later in the trip and following a phone call with them, we were heading back into Narrandera and to the local Visitors Information Centre.  As a result of that trip, we were able to visit a memorial containing a Tiger Moth which was a tribute to the local area for training of pilots during the war.  We also visited an old brewery that is in the process of being demolished and also a fountain made by Royal Doulton and donated to Narrandera by a local family as a tribute for those who lost their lives in WW1.  Had we not received the text and visited the information centre, we would have missed these attractions.

We now have a new rule, visit the Information Centre in every town we stay in.

When we finally returned to the caravan park, we had happy hour before cooking what we believe was a first, our entire meal inside the van.  We normally cook outside but not today.

We had a quiet evening watching the news, Better Homes & Gardens and finally the AFL.

The park is a Top Tourist Park and the price they charged today was a little higher than what was advertised on their web site not long ago.  We are not sure if we were impacted by a cost rise due to the school holidays or not.  The park was quiet earlier today but a lot of caravans came in late.  There is not a motorhome in sight.

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