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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



26 June 2013 – Sydney NSW to Canberra ACT

As we write this entry, we are sitting in our caravan in the Canberra Motor Village.  We have just returned from a meal with friends (Cranky & Hoppy (she who has a sprained ankle)) at a Chinese restaurant at Dickson which serves an excellent buffet meal.  We are watching television and a speech by Julia Gillard informing us that Kevin Rudd is now the Prime Minister elect and Julia will resign from politics.  Wow!!!  What a day to be in Canberra.

This day actually started last weekend when “He” managed to get most of his clothes into the caravan before the bad weather started.  Sydney has had constant rain and every time we attempted to pack the caravan, yes you guessed it, it poured.

We eventually got the caravan packed with the final insult from the weather earlier today with “He” literally getting soaked when checking the caravan lights after the caravan had been hitched.

All that aside, we managed to extract the van from our drive without problems and were driving down our street at 09:00:20, just 20 seconds late!

The trip to Canberra was in rain until the end of Lake George when we sighted blue sky for the first time.

We drove into the caravan park just after 1:00pm and 40 minutes later we were setup for night 1 of our adventure.

We visited our friends in the afternoon before returning to the caravan where our friends collected us so we only had to take a single car for the evening meal.

We are still watching television and are amazed at what is going on in Parliament.  We might jump into bed and wait to see what Kevin Rudd has to say.

We found a little water in the cupboard behind our water heater late today and hope that it was the result of the continuous heavy rain from today finding its way in through an air vent  in the water heater.  “He” is  also a little concerned as to why we only have 12.1 volts in our batteries when we are on power.  Will look into that tomorrow morning.

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