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Central Australia 2013 – Preamble

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Sydney to the centre via the Riverina and home via Broken Hill.


We visited Central Australia in 2007 travelling there via Broken Hill and returning via the NSW Riverina. We spent time at Uluru during that trip. We returned again in 2008 travelling there via Queensland and the Barkley Tablelands returning home via Broken Hill. We visited the Flinders Ranges during that trip.

Both of these trips allowed us to have a quick look at places along the way (we really didn’t have time to stop) so this trip will allow us to indulge in some of these places as we have factored in the required time. Our first two trips were also in a motorhome so travelling with a caravan and a vehicle that will let us do some exploring will give us a new dimension for travel in this part of our great land. The Flinders Ranges now become very accessible as does the area around Coober Pedy.

We are going through a stage in our lives where the magical age of 60 has arrived or will shortly.

Last year over a coffee with friends, plans for 60th birthdays were discussed. Resulting from that discussion was a decision to travel to Uluru (Ayers Rock) to celebrate all of our birthdays at a unique location. So plans were put into place to make it happen.

We are driving, our friends are flying there.

We are meeting our friends at Yulara (Ayers Rock Airport) in the middle of July and they will return home a week later from Alice Springs. We will return home in August.

For us it will be the third time we have travelled on the Stuart Highway.

We find this part of Australia very spiritual and another visit to Uluru (Ayres Rock) will be with a better understanding of the culture of the local owners. We also plan to celebrate our birthdays with a meal under the stars.

It will also be strange travelling around the 30th of June as in the past, “He” has had significant involvement in the end of financial year process from the perspective of IT and specifically in the management of a banking application. This year there will be no going to work on the 30th of June (which happens to fall on a Sunday!!) nor will there be the worry of the preparation for the end of year processing or the balancing process that follows over the month of July.

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