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14 – 18 February 2013 – Boorowa NSW

We have not travelled since our week away at Bulli in early December 2012. Due to family reasons, we elected not to attend the CMCA chapter meeting in January (it was actually cancelled due to the NSW bush fire crisis at the time) so we were looking forward to getting away in February.

“He” was involved with a membership drive for the chapter having spoken with many people who had been invited to attend the February meeting at Boorowa in south western NSW. It was important that we attended the meeting.

As we have written previously, now that “He” has retired, we no longer have the restriction imposed upon when one works. So, at 9:00am on Wednesday, we had the caravan attached to the Navara and were negotiating the exit from our driveway. For the first time, we managed to extract the caravan in a single move and before we knew it, we were heading down the street on the start of a 320klm trip.

As is the case every time we hitch the caravan, we check the brake controller to ensure that the caravan braking is correct. Today we took special notice as “He” had created some small signs to attach to the vehicle showing the direction the adjustment needs to be turned to adjust the brakes. When returning from Bulli, we actually managed to lock the caravan brakes by turning the adjustment in the wrong direction.

We stopped briefly at Maccas at Sutton Forrest, again at a truck stop near Yass for lunch and we arrived at Boorowa just before 2pm. The only surprise we had on the way down was our mirror being blown in on three occasions and only when trucks were passing in the opposite direction. The combination had performed almost perfectly on the trip down with only a very small amount of sway (not really worthy of mention) and we had average a neat 80kph. Part of the trip was spent sitting on 100k’s which actually felt comfortable.

Boorowa is a farming town in the South West Slopes of NSW . Boorowa had a population of approximatley 1000 people. It is located in a valley 243 km west of Sydney and 487 m above sea-level. The town has a strong agricultural and mining base.

Boorowa is also famous during the October long weekend with the “Running of the Sheep” down the main street of Boorowa. This is during the Irish Woolfest.

As far as the meeting went, we had planned on about 21 rigs turning up, we actually had 27. The caravan park did not have power for all and a couple of our visitors went without power and one of our members had to park outside of the caravan park. We all had a good time and 13 new members signed up.

We visited a local hotel on Saturday night and had a great meal. “He” has a steak that hung over the side of the plate and for the first time ever, they provided half a boiled egg with the salad. The cost, $18. “She” had a steak sandwich which was fantastic value at only $7.

Most of those attending departed on Sunday, we left on Monday morning.

Our trip home was into a head wind for the majority of the way and that reflected in an increase in fuel consumption to just under 17 litres per 100k’s. Whilst we are a little unhappy with that number, it is just a little above what we expected.

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