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24 May 2012 – Bendigo to Kerang VIC

When we awoke, much to our surprise it was still but with overcast skies.  We took our time in preparing to leave knowing that we would have a relatively quick trip to Kerang which was just over 130 kilometres away.

Once again we stopped at Beechworth Bakery (they have six outlets, we have now been to five of them, only Albury to go) for morning tea before heading towards Kerang.  We passed a Spotlight store and “She” took the opportunity to purchase some polar fleece with a discount of 30%.  “He” took the opportunity to visit the site of an historic gold mine.  Gold was mined in the Bendigo area for just over 100 years and is still being found today by those who know where to look.  Pity we don’t!

The trip to Kerang was uneventful with the wind starting again but coming from the south which actually assisted our drive.

We had lunch in Kerang before checking into the Ibis Caravan Park.

Our friends arrived about 1 hour after us.

We spent the afternoon in catch-up mode before we went in separate directions for an evening meal.

It started to rain in the late afternoon and we could see storms to the south, west and north of our location.  Fortunately the storms stayed away but it continued to rain for the majority of the night.  We actually decided to retract our slide-out to reduce any possibility of penetration of water from the rain as we were not sure we had created sufficient runoff when we levelled the vehicle.

After the meal we continued our catch-up discussions whilst consuming a relatively inexpensive “no name” but excellent port.

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