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21 May 2012 – Mornington Peninsula VIC

Today we were spoilt.  Our friends had arranged to collect us just before 10:00am to provide us with a guided tour of the Mornington Peninsula.

We packed our cameras and lens and soon found ourselves heading south to our first stop at Arthurs Seat where you have expansive views of Port Phillip from Queenscliff to the West and  to the Melbourne CBD in the north .

Next stop was at the beach at Sorrento where we climbed to a lookout that provided views east to Cape Schanck and towards the beaches near Portsea to the west.  You could also see the tall buildings of the Melbourne CBD about 63 klms to the north (as the crow flies).

Next stop was at the delightful Sorrento Park where we watched one of the Queenscliff to Sorrento ferries dock.  At that time we were considering using the ferry to travel to Queenscliff at the start of our drive down the Great Ocean Road.

We then moved on to Portsea where we stopped for lunch at the Portsea Hotel.  The view from the dining room was magnificent and as good as anything Sydney has to offer.

After lunch we headed to the Port Nepean National Park where we parked and walked to the beach near the old cattle jetty.  From the beach we could see across to Queenscliff as well as the entrance to Port Phillip Bay.

The beach was sensational and afforded us the opportunity of a little creative photography.

We then headed back to the site of the first Melbourne Settlement (1803) and several graves thought to be those of some of the settlers.

We stopped at Mornington to take a photograph of the sunset before joining our friends for diner at their home.

We had experienced a wonderful day and we are certain that we have visited places not even the locals have visited.  Thank you Liz and Tony.

We must also mention that the weather was fantastic, however, the forecast for the next couple of days is far from promising and may cause us to cancel the proposed trip down the Great Ocean Road.

2 comments to 21 May 2012 – Mornington Peninsula VIC

  • Rahul & Atin & Andrew

    Good stuff,

    can you also attach some photos, if possible? We get the gist, but a picture can say a thousand words.

    Atin says Good luck as he is flying away and will catch up on return.


  • Hi Guys
    Would love to attach some pictures but having trouble with internet connection and very limited bandwidth. My access point has issues and I have reverted to using the limited data packs on my mobile for internet. If I can get my normal access point sorted out, I will try to upload.

    The weather has been crappy on the Great Ocean Road so owe decided to head north towards the Murray River with Broken Hill now the intended destination. Also have to get a steering issue with the truck sorted out on Monday at Mildura. I hope to take some pictures of the outback around Broken Hill with some sunset pictures as well.

    Andrew, saw the news today and they featured the Vivid Festival. I think the night at the Quay will be magic.

    I hope to update the blog very soon.


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