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20 – 21 July 2011 – Mount Isa to Townsville QLD

We decided to have breakfast early in the motorhome and at 8:00am, we said our goodbyes to our fellow safarities.  Once again we have made new friends and it is very hard to say farewell.  It was even harder knowing that the safari still had another 6 days to run and we would be missing several attractions that are on our bucket list.

We drove both vehicles out of the caravan park and attached the car near the front gates.

Our error reappeared within 100 metres of the front gate and we quickly stopped and restarted.  Over the next 120 kilometers, we stopped and restarted about 20 times.  We stopped and restarted as we entered Cloncurry and did the same about 3 kilometers later as we left.  We then drove about 100 kilometers before the error reoccurred and that was as we slowed at Julia Creek.  We determined that there were no issues when travelling at a constant speed on flat ground.

Our next stop was Richmond and due to excessive headwinds, we were low on fuel when we arrived.  As the low fuel light appeared, another engine warning light came on and a quick call to Iveco resulted in us being told to ignore the light.

We made Hughenden (a drive of just over 500k’s for the day) and finally reached Townsville in the early afternoon on the next day.  All up, we estimated we had stopped and restarted at least 50 times during the trip.  The reason for having to restart was simply due to the power being reduced by 50%.  It was actually dangerous when we lost power as it always seemed to occur in hilly areas with traffic behind us.

We had pre-booked a caravan park and it was a relief to finally shutdown the motorhome.  Now it is up to Iveco to diagnose and resolve the engine problem.

2 comments to 20 – 21 July 2011 – Mount Isa to Townsville QLD

  • Pat & Fred Thompson

    Glad you got to Townsville OK.Pat is much better and we are in Rocky. Kind Regards

  • Glad that Pat is OK. We were thinking of you when we heard of the delay in you being able to leave Mount Isa.

    We are currrently at Rubyvale and may head home via Rocky.

    Take care and we hope that the health issues are now resolved.

    Kind Regards
    Elaine & John

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