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11 July 2011 – Blackall to Longreach QLD

It was still cold when we ventured to breakfast but the cold was not as severe as previous days.

The process of connecting the car is becoming easier, however, we feel there is a problem with the transfer case as the car is making some weird noises when we change it from tow to drive mode.  We will start to look for a Suzuki dealer but will probably have to wait until Mount Isa.

The trip today was in two stages, the first to Barcaldine where we stopped first at a local bakery and then at “The Tree of Knowledge”.  Barcaldine is the birth place of the Australian Labour Party and a town we thought little of as a result of a previous visit.  Last time we stayed there, we were cramped into the local Top Tourist Park.  The owner at that time who was part responsible for issues in Queensland relating to free camping has since moved on and we understand that the tourists are supporting the town again.

After Barcaldine you virtually travel directly west to Longreach.  It is an amazing sight as you approach Longreach when you see the tail of the QANTAS 747 parked at the QANTAS Founders Museum.  It certainly looks out of place.

We headed straight into the caravan park and were allotted the most remote site in the place.

The site was large and we had space to park the car along side the motorhome with the awning extended at the same time.

As a result of our early arrival, we took the opportunity to use our washing machine and washed undies, sox and shirts.  We were able to dry all the washing before sunset.  We aslo headed into town to look for a Suzuki dealer but without success.

A couple of days prior to Longreach we had telephoned a friend to wish her a happy birthday.  It was during that phone call we learnt that our God Son was in the area and by chance we were all stating at the same caravan park at Longreach.  We spent part of the afternoon talking to J & A and that discussion continued later in the night when they joined us after tea.

At happy hour we were part of the winning trivea team.

We cooked rissoles for tea and enjoyed a bottle of wine.

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