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9 July 2011 – Mitchell to Charleville QLD

Someone said it was minus one but it was cold when we left the motorhome to attend a community breakfast.  By the time we had finished breakfast, the temperature had risen to zero and “He” actually considered taking his coat off.  That did not happen!

Something is going wrong.  The further north we travel, the colder it is getting.  Surely it cannot get any colder than this!

We had to attach the car before leaving and this proved a little difficult as “She” had only taken one photograph and not of the part that was causing the most concern.  After looking at the “one” photograph we had, we eventually solved our problem and were soon on the way to Charlevillle.

Except for noting an increase in the amount of dead wildlife on the road, the trip was uneventful and we arrived around midday.  First stop was at the local IGA and that was followed by fuel.  Our consumption today was not all that bad and it looks like 85 or so is about the right speed with the car behind.

Our overnight stay was about 10 kilometers out of town ad we had a rough location programmed into the GPS.  Unfortunately the resort was not sign posted very well and we managed to drive past before realizing we needed to turn.  The road we were on was not wide and we need to drive a further 5 kilometers before we were able to turn.  That is one disadvantage of towing the car as we cannot reverse with the car attached.  Nevertheless, we managed to find a spot that would allow us to turn and before long we were settled on our dirt site at the overnight stay.

We connected ourselves to water and attached our grey water pipe before we both enjoyed long “motorhome” showers.

We had an early tea (beaut steak that melted in the mouth) before we were collected by bus for a trip to the “Cosmos Centre” where we were to enjoy a night of looking at the sky through their 12 inch telescopes.

The Charleville Cosmos Centre is worth a visit.  The centre has a large building which houses 3 Meade 12 inch computer controlled telescopes.  After an introduction, a button was pressed and the roof rolled away to reveal the sky.   During our time with the telescopes, we were shown The Southern Cross, the Jewel Box, the Moon and finally, Saturn.  We also saw a video presentation that endeavoured to show our location in the universe and the extent of the known universe.  This was thought provoking.

After returning to our camp site, we spent an hour with another couple looking at a computer problem and retired for the night around 11pm.  It was cold!

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