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10 July 2011 – Charleville to Blackall QLD

Did we say it could not get colder?  We had a great sleep under our summer doona and actually had to remove a light blanket.  Today we had to provide our own breakfast so we enjoyed cereal washed down with coffee.  Whilst “She” made the inside ready for travel, “He” ventured outside to put the hoses away.

The temperature seemed to be warmer than other days and it was a surprise when “He” lifted our grey hose only to find it full of frozen water.  One hour later, the ice had been broken up and the hose was ready to put away.  So much for warmer temperatures!

Before heading north, we went back into Charleville and purchased some ice coffee.

First stop on the trip north was at Tambo which is famous for Tambo Teddys.   The shop was closed, it was Sunday.  So we continued on to Blackall.

As we arrived at Blackall we notice a sign saying that Graham Rodger was playing at the caravan park.   Graham is a Multi-Award winning country music songwriter and recording artist specialising in Australian Ballads.  His songs have been played all over Australia, as well as overseas, and have been recorded by a number of country music artists including the late Slim Dusty.   We were fortunate to hear him sing several years ago at Barcaldine and we knew we were in for a treat.

After setting up the motorhome and the satellite dish, “She” headed to the local “Wool Scourer” whilst “He” attempted to fix a lock on our wire door that was sticking.

We started happy hour at four and at five headed to the camp kitchen area where we enjoyed the talent of Graham for an hour.  At the conclusion of the show, we all enjoyed a camp fire oven dinner comprising beef, baked veggies and gravy followed by damper and billy tea.  It was a meal to remember.

We headed back to the motorhome and watched television before turning out the light at 11:00pm.  Tonight was a little warmer than previous days.

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