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8 July 2011 – Nindigully to Mitchell QLD

We had another great sleep due to the cool temperature and our first safari breakfast consisted of bacon and eggs.  It was sad saying our goodbyes to our friends from Canberra and after doing so, we were on the road just before 10:00am and headed 45 kilometres north to the township of St George.  As we drove onto the highway, we received a call from other friends who are currently on the road and we were provided with information about a light display at a town on our way home. Peterborough in South Australia has apparently setup a laser show that is a “must see”.  Unfortunately we won’t be stopping there so it will have to wait for another trip.

We stopped at St George where we visited a very unique establishment “The Unique Egg” where the owner, Steve, carves emu eggs.  There is a small admission price but well worth the expense.  Steve is of Greek descent who came to Australia in the early 50’s and initially shot Kangaroos for a living.  He was also a boxer and eventually started carving eggs.  His museum leaves you speechless.

After a visits to the local baker and fuel outlet, we were again heading north on a very narrow road.  The volume of road kill increased and we learnt later that one of our group actually hit a kangaroo.  The road we travelled on in places was only as wide as our wheels and this is a prelude to the roads we will use later in the safari.

We made it safely to Mitchell where we were provided with a drive through site.  For the first time we also unhitched the vehicle but made sure we photographed the setup first.  We had to unhitch to level the motorhome.

The locals were aware of our arrival and had organized a camp oven meal for the evening with the funds raised ($12.50 per head) going to the local school.  We enjoyed the meal which comprised soup and the choice of beef or chicken followed by desert.  Whilst this was going on, we enjoyed some bush poetry (from a bushie (Gary) who we had met at Bylong) and the some karoke.

By the time we returned to the motor home it was cold so we headed to bed.

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