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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



20 to 22 May 2011 – Robertson NSW

We were invited by friends to attend a weekend meeting of a CMCA Chapter.  The meeting was held in the showgrounds of the sleepy NSW Southern Highlands township of Robertson.

We decided to leave on Friday afternoon so we meet our friend for dinner.  Initially we planned to take our car but were contacted a couple of days before we left with a message that there should be sufficient vehicles present to provide transport for the activities that were planned.

We departed home close to 3:30pm and immediately heard on the radio of accidents at Silverwater and also Wiley Park.  As it so happens, both of these locations impacted the potential routes we have to the M5 freeway for the trip south.  Without wanting to dwell on the traffic, it took us three hours to drive to Robertson, a trip that should have been less than two hours.

Peak hour traffic in Sydney is now nothing short of ridiculous and getting worse by the week.  Sydney badly needs the M4 east extension but to get a government to build it, well that’s another thing.  You vote for the buggers and they do “sweet FA”.  Anyway……..

We arrived at Robertson, in the dark, and were greeted by our friends who had waited dinner for us.  It didn’t take long to setup, (there was power by only from 10amp outlets – we have a converter), and we spent a little time meeting other members of the assembled group.  Later we joined our friends for our evening meals.

After tea we met further members of the group and headed back to the motor home and bed just after 10:00pm.

The temperature was relatively cool and we did have a very comfortable sleep.

We awoke to a near perfect day on Saturday and following breakfast, headed off to the Illawarra Fly.  Prior to this we made the decision and joined the CMCA Chapter.

The Illawarra Fly had been on our radar for a long time and was most enjoyable.  The “fly” is an elevated metal walkway that runs above the ground near the canopy of the trees.  It affords splendid view of the area from just north of Kiama to Wollongong and the local escarpment.  We enjoyed coffee and scones after the walk.

We returned to Robertson for lunch and then spent time in the afternoon playing card games.  We all adjourned to the Robertson Pub for our evening meal and then returned to the camp site where we enjoyed a very funny evening where the conversation managed to find its way towards the gutter.  It has been a long time since we laughed so much and more importantly, the laughter was not at anyone’s expense.  We had a late night for us (just short of midnight) and probably the best sleep we have ever had since embracing the motor home lifestyle.

Sunday started with breakfast and was followed by preparation of the motor home to return to Sydney.  The Chapter held a meeting in the morning which we attended.  We had lunch before departing.

The trip home was non eventful and quick.  We managed to avoid all traffic problems and made it home at a reasonable time.

We hope to be able to attend more events with this Chapter provided they a close enough to Sydney to make the trip worthwhile.

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