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5 April 2011 – Echuca VIC

The fine weather continued as we awoke for an easy day at Echuca that would highlight a lunchtime cruise on a Murray River paddle steamer.

After participating in our usual community breakfast, we walk backed to Echuca and visited the St Annes Winery outlet where we sampled a couple of their delicious wines. Rather than carrying the wine we intended to purchase with us, we decided to return later in the day.

We paid another visit to the local camping shops intending to purchase some wine glasses (plastic) to replace a glass that had been broken earlier during this trip. Much to our surprise, none of the three outlets carried glasses but we did manage to buy a wireless temperature sensor that will be mounted in our refrigerator to allow for external monitoring rather than opening the door to view the internal mounted temperature gauge.

At 11:00am we returned to the Echuca wharf area in preparation for our departure on the paddle steamer.

We need to look at photographs taken during our last visit to determine the height of the river as this area of Victoria was subject to flooding earlier this year. The river appeared to be normal to us but there was evidence to indicate that flooding had indeed occurred.

We boarded the “Emmy Lou” and found a table at the rear of the vessel. This vessel is very well presented and in prime condition. It operates on steam from a massive boiler that also appears to be in pristine condition.

Lunch today was served at our table and there were four different meals served at random. The food was good and enjoyed by all. We travelled down the river for about 30 minutes before the vessel turned and then proceeded past the Echuca wharf before continuing up the river for a short distance. We had never travelled beyond the bridge between Echuca and Moama so this was a new experience for us.

After disembarking at Echuca, we returned to St Annes Winery where we purchased several bottles. We then headed back to our camp site and spent the afternoon playing “rummy”.

We spent the evening watching “The Man From Snowy River 2” in the comfort of our motorhome followed by several games of “rummy” that took us late into the night.

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