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3 April 2011 – Corryong to Bonegilla VIC

Sunday was actually the last day of the festival but it was also the day that we left Corryong to move to our next stop, Boathaven Caravan Park at Bonegilla which is near Wodonga VIC. This caravan park is located on the shore of Lake Hume but when we visited this caravan park several years ago, we had to walk over a kilometre before we saw a glimpse of water. We were wondering where the water would be for this visit.

The trip from Corryong to Bonegilla was relatively short and no one was n a hurry to leave.

Before we departed Corryong, we made our way to the grave of Jack Riley which is very well defined in the local cemetery. We stopped at Tangambalanga for lunch and arrived at Bonegilla in the early afternoon.

During the drive we were delighted to discover that Lake Hume was full of water and this was reflected in the water lapping at the edge of the caravan park. We decided to pay an extra fee for an en-suite site which would allow us the luxury of a long shower and our own toilet.

Todd Reid (Albury Wodonga Winnebago) played host for the evening and with his family, cooked a wonderful BBQ dinner.

We had some excitement prior to dinner when a local farmer commenced a burn of one of his paddocks. It caused a little concern for a few minutes when it was unclear in which direction the fire was travelling. We would hear the sound of the fire and one cannot imagine what it would be like to be near an uncontrolled fire. Scary stuff.

We retired fairly early.

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