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2 April 2011 – Corryong VIC

The area around us had filled with campers and Corryong was alive with visitors.  After breakfast we attended a “Poets Breakfast” where everyone is welcome to register and entertain with their own or the poetry of others.  We spent hours being entertained with poetry from a genuine swagman,  a young child, local farmers and those well versed in the delivery of poetry.  We really enjoyed this event and were disappointed we failed to attend the breakfast on the previous day.

After returning to our camp site, we went for another walk into Corryong before returning to a cooked lunch as we were going to a concert in the evening.

We visited markets in the afternoon before placing our chairs in “the dry area” (this was close to the stage) in preparation for the evening concert.  We queued at 5:30pm and were happy to find our seats were still in place when we entered the venue.  We were entertained by Markus Meier, Amanda Lawrence, McAlister Kemp before the main event which was Lee Kernaghan and his “Pubs, Clubs and Car Parks” tour.  We are fans of Lee and were blessed with reasonably good seats.  The concert was most enjoyable.  We also knew all the songs that were sung.  Lee does a tribute to Slim Dusty and this was the first time we had seen the song performed “live”.

At the conclusion of the concert, we enjoyed the walk back to our camp site before deciding to head to bed.

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