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30 March 2011 – Khancoban NSW to Corryong VIC

Day 2 of the safari started with a continental breakfast before our departure at 10:00am for the 27 kilometre drive to Corryong. It was intended to have all the safari members arrive at the same time so we could all camp in the same area.

We crossed the Murray River and entered into Victoria during the short drive. We were allocated a camp site initially in the rough of the 17th hole on the Corryong Golf Course and then were asked to relocate outside of the golf course in a wide grass strip between the road and the course. The reason given was that access was required for car parking with a large number of vehicles expected for the Lee Kernaghan Concert being held on Saturday night.

We had issues with the clutch on the Iveco overheating as we reversed and now have our fingers crossed there will be no issues from that event.

We had a quick look at the Corryong shops in the afternoon before returning for happy hour.

By late afternoon, there was a continual parade of vehicles entering the golf course to setup camp. There is a large volume of motorhomes in the area and we are aware of at least one CMCA Chapter attending the event.

We had a delicious chicken meal before returning to a joke telling session (in the dark as no one wanted to be identified).

We had a relatively early night in bed.

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