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29 March 2011 – Tumut to Khancoban NSW

We planned to leave Tumut by 9:00am for what was supposed to be just over a two hour drive to Khancoban. We were still undecided as to the direction we would take with the route via Cabramurra still a real option but I suppose we decided on the route as we had to head back into Tumut for diesel and continuing straight on just happened.

Our first major town after leaving Tumut was Batlow and we were delighted to see autumn starting to reveal itself in the magnificent colours in the trees as we entered the town. We were also amazed to see how the orchards are covered to protect the fruit from what we assume would be frosts. As we climbed higher into the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, we became aware that our fuel burn was around the 18.5 litres per 100k’s, a figure that we had never seen before. This is a very pretty part of NSW as the views as we climbed higher were outstanding.

We stopped in Tumbarumba for morning tea at a delightful little café known as “The Four Bears” and will have to go back there sometime in the future. After morning tea, we started to descend and the fuel burn returned to numbers that we are happy with. During these descents we put the Iveco into second gear and just sat back as it maintained a safe and steady 40kph as we descended.

We arrived in Khancoban at 12:08pm, eight minutes later than our intended arrival time.

We spent a short time doing our setup, we had both power and water before spending the afternoon meeting other couples and families who were attending the safari.

We had our evening meal at the local tavern ad we both tried trout for the first time. Except for the very small bones, he fish was sensational.

It rained during the night.

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