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Bylong Mouse Races – 25th to 28th March 2011

In March 2009 and again in March 2010 we travelled to Bylong NSW for the annual mouse races.  We had planned to miss the races this year due to plans to go to the Man From Snowy River Festival but due to the possibility that 2011 would be the last time the event would be held (there are plans to mine the Bylong Valley for coal – how stupid to ruin this magnificent part of NSW), we made a late decision to attend.

As a result of our pending plans to flat tow, we also ceased the opportunity to travel to Bylong via Newcastle and have a towbar fitted by Australian Motor Homes.

So, at 4:00am on Friday the alarm sounded and we had breakfast before departing at 5:50am for a 2 hour 12 minute drive (that is what the GPS mapping software said) to Bennett Green just short of Newcastle. We arrived at 7:58am for our 8:00am appointment.

Whilst the towbar was being fitted, we also asked for our motorhome roof to be inspected for evidence of seal wear and a couple of minor fixes were applied.

We left Bennett Green at 12:20pm and arrived at Bylong just before 4:00pm after refuelling at Greta.

This would be the 23rdd time that the mouse races were held and we still question the sanity in watching mice race.  Forgetting about the sanity thing, this event is one of the “unique” novelty events on the Australian calendar and definitely a “must do” (at least once)!

It is also an event where the local community raises significant funds that are distributed to the likes of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, Volunteer Rescue Service, local hospitals, local community facilities (for the benefit of the travelling public) and other worthy charities.  Rather than simply hand out chunks of the funds that are raised, the beneficiaries are asked what they would like to be able to acquire and this way, the funds raised can actually be identified with a specific piece of funding.

Bylong is a very small NSW rural community (pop about 60 persons) located in the Bylong Valley midway between Mudgee and Muswellbrook just to the north west of the Hunter Valley. From our home it is about 290 kilometers by the most direct route (over the Blue Mountains and then turn north just past Lithgow) but today the trip was close to 390 kilometers.

As was the case in previous years, we and 60 other Winnies camped in the vicinity of the homestead on a large rural property of a couple who are members of the Winnebago RV Club. We believe that this is the largest number of members that have ever attended this event.

On Friday night our hosts provided a delicious BBQ (the local beef is “to die for”) after which more time was spent renewing old acquaintances and updating each other of trip details over recent months. We actually headed to bed early as we were both starting to suffer from our early start and a significant drive in the motorhome.

Saturday started with a continental breakfast and then we walked to the site where the day’s festivities would take place.

As far as the races went, we had no luck picking winners but collectively, the Winnebago RV Club members decided to create a pool of funds so we could participate in the silent auction to buy the runners in race 10, “Winnebago Country / City Challenge” and also to participate in the calcutta on the final race. From our pool of funds, we managed to acquire 2 mice in the silent auction and 2 mice in the Calcutta.

One of the mice (Bylong Breeze) won the race and a couple of our members experienced the enjoyment of receiving the trophy and sash at the conclusion of the race.

From funds collected and from e proceeds of the two mice obtained in the Calcutta, we managed to donate approximately $1200 to the charity event.

After returning to our campsite, we participated in “Happy Hour” and then a very enjoyable BYO BBQ.

On Sunday, a coach tour was arranged for us to take us to Dunns Swamp where we experience a boat cruise on the lake created by the Kandos Weir followed by lunch before returning to Bylong.  Most of us slept on the return journey.

Again we had a BYO BBQ for tea followed by trivia. We were both in the winning team.

From the group attending the mouse races, 10 motorhomes were heading to the next WRVC event, “The Grampians Safari” which included attending “The Man from Snowy River” bush festival at Corryong in Victoria.

On Monday we left just before 8:30am after saying a goodbye to friends.  The number of people we know in the WRCV club is increasing and the goodbyes now take a long time.

2 comments to Bylong Mouse Races – 25th to 28th March 2011

  • Rick & Bron

    Hi Jphn & Elaine Sounds like you had a ball at Bylong wish we could have been there. I noticed that you were in the right trivia team again. Cheers Rick & Bron

  • Hi Guys

    Have not been on the computer much. Bylong was a little big with the number of people and sad with Pauline heading home.
    We are having a good time in Corryong and hopefully I will update the blogg shortly.

    Bye for now.

    PS – all the best for next week Richard.

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