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Decision Made – We will Flat Tow

Really a “no brainer” for us because;

– we have a vehicle that is capable of being flat towed
– we really don’t have the space at home to store a trailer that will actually be longer than our car
– the Navigator is not a fan of “towing” as such but is comfortable with the A-frame concept
– little difference in the overall cost

Thanks to some input from some friends, we have decided to obtain a “Ready Brute” A-Frame with the installation being undertaken by Australian Motor Home at Bennett Green, near Newcastle.  The vehicle will be protected by a mesh arrangement called a “Kargard” which is attached to the A-Frame.  We will use the braking arragement that is supplied with the A-Frame rather than looking at alternatives.   Australian Motor Homes will also fit the relevant tow bar and electrics to the motor home. 

Details of the A-Frame can be found at  http://www.northcoach.com.au/products/Ready-Brute-Elite-RV-Tow-Bar.html

Details of the car protector can be found at  http://www.blueox.com/Accessories/kargard.htm

We had intended to wait until later in the year to have the work done but have decided to have it done now.  At least we will know the cost and won’t be exposed to any adverse movement with the Australian dollar against the USD.  We will alsao be in a position to have used the A-frame before making a decision as to whether we tow the vehicle to North Queensland in the middle of the year when we participate in a Winnebago RV Club safari.

We have asked Australian Motor Homes to place a orders with the supplier.

8 comments to Decision Made – We will Flat Tow

  • mick and jacqui

    hi guys, we went the opal safari with you’s last year and have been watching your comments on towing / not towing. I agree on the trailer length problem (too long) but two things we must ask. 1…Can you reverse with an a frame as the steering of the car must(?) move. 2…how can we find a list of “flat-towable” newish type cars ?

  • Hi Mick & Jacqui

    Good to hear from you. Hope you are both well.

    Good question regards reversing as people we have spoken to say that it is very hard if not impossible, I would doubt that we will ever place ourselves in a situation where there was a need to reverse and if that was the case, we would probably remove the vehicle first. During the Opal Safari, we took inspiration from our friends from Victoria and how they managed their Suzuki during the safari. Seemed to be no issue at all with removing the vehicle.

    Prior to purchasing the Suzuki, we made a long list of vehicles with 4WD capability that were of a reasonable size (we wanted 4 seats and a boot area) as the vehicle was to be our normal everyday mode of transport . Due to size, this excluded all the big 4WD. From our list, the Suzuki Grand Vitara was the only vehicle that could be flat towed. We are aware of older vehicles that can be flat towed and a look inside the “For Sales”in The Wanderer gives you an idea of what used vehicles fit the bill (Terios, Feroza??).

    Are you going on any of the Safaris this year?


  • mick and jacqui

    hi there, thanx for that, proabaly see you guys at the mouse races ?

  • Erik

    Re the reversing ….. I have a suzuki grand vitara at the back with the easybrut ….. And what i have found, if you want to reverse (and only if you reverse !!!) i put the steering lock on, and i can push the vehicle in reverse quite easily …… My vitaras wheels are straight when i have the steering wheel lock on !

  • We have the Readybrute with the brake attachment. When you reverse it can apply the brake however, I will certainly try your suggestion and if done slowly, the brake may not be applied.

    Thank you for your comment Erik.


  • Dean Turner

    You could disconnect the brake cable or better still pull the MH backwards with the Suzuki with someone steering the Mh appropriately work well for me for short distances obvoiusly

  • Before you make a decision on whether you should or shouldn’t tow, I wanted to share a few of our towing experiences from the past two years.

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