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14 November 2010 – Nagambie VIC

We awoke to clear skies and a very pleasant temperature.

Today we had a surprise cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs and sausages and “He” assisted Tod (from Albury Wodonga Winnebago) with the cooking duties. It is quite a feat cooking for about 170 persons and whilst “He” cooked the bacon, Tod cooked about 300 eggs.

There were no complaints about breakfast. Immediately following breakfast “She” joined a group that went for a walk around the resort site. “He” did the domestic duties before returning to the “Hut” (the “Hut” generally refers to the allocated area where club members gather. The original “Hut” was destroyed at the Bathurst car races in February when it failed to cope with the amount of rain fall. A replacement “Hut” was provided for the Opal Safari but it was not used) to attend several seminars.

We joined friends for lunch at the on-site cafe. After lunch, “He” joined into a game of disk bowls before returning to the “Hut” area to watch the Winnebago Olympics.
We attended happy hour and then participated in a BYO BBQ. Immediately following the BBQ, we attended a trivia night and unfortunately, were a long way behind the winners. This night was run by one of the sponsors and whilst they had good intentions, the normal 30 questions ended up at near 70 questions. As the night progressed, a very cold wind started blowing and the majority of those attending did lose interest. We were happy to return to the warmth (yes warmth) of the motor home.

When we arrived back at the motor home, we were greeted by a couple attending the event who informed us that they had followed our adventures via our web site. Apparently through our blog, we had sold them the lifestyle and they had purchased a Winnebago Leisure Seeker with a drop down bed. They had collected the motor home on the Tuesday prior to this event and were about to have their third sleep in a motor home.

We are glad that someone has benefited from reading this blog and it now makes the effort worthwhile. We must have chatted for a good half hour before we retired for the night.

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