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27 September 2010 – Emmdale to Nyngan NSW

Much to our surprise we had an excellent night’s sleep bearing in mind that we were free camping in a remote area and that was something we had not done before. We awoke to another brilliant day of clear blue sky.

As has been the practice during the safari, we gathered for a community breakfast before packing and commencing our drive to Nyngan. Our trip today would cover just under 300 kilometres and was completed without any issue. A couple of the motor homes experienced tyre issues with one of the Leisure Seekers completely destroying a tyre. Later in the day the same motor home had a valve in another tyre fail. An Esperance had a slow leak in a front tyre as a result of a small wire penetrating the tyre. We all agreed that when considering the number of motor homes in the safari, the conditions of some of the roads and the distance travelled, these issues were minor. At this stage of the safari, collectively we have travelled approximately 31500 kilometres.

We stopped at Cobar to purchase food and it was the first time since leaving Lightning Ridge we had visited a reasonable supermarket. We also refuelled. Thanks to our CB radio, we were informed of the location of a local electrical wholesaler where we were able to purchase replacement globes for the light over our sink. We had considered replacing the light with LED’s but considering that two globes only cost $10, it is now unlikely we will replace the light.

Upon arriving at Nyngan, we stopped for coffee in a bakehouse we had visited before. “She” visited a sewing shop and “He” took the opportunity to use the local dump point (another Kea / CMCA initiative) to dump the toilet.

When checking into the caravan park for our overnight stay, we were advised of the location of all the powered sites and told to use whatever we liked. This was not an issue as all the sites were perfect.
We stayed at the Nyngan Riverside Caravan Park and this will be added to our reviews as we rate the park as one of the best we have ever stayed in.

We enjoyed happy hour followed by a BBQ using the fresh food purchased from Cobar.

After tea we headed to a wool shed in the park where we were entertained by Tony Hunt for a couple of hours. Tony was part of the Bushwackers sometime ago and we all enjoyed the experience. We purchased three CD’s that will be used when driving.

Currently the Bogan River is very high and there is a degree of small flooding in the area, including this caravan park.

We had apprehension celebrating our wedding anniversary in Nyngan, how wrong we were.

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