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17 September 2010 – Yarrie Lake NSW

We awoke just before sunrise and took the opportunity to photograph the lake with the rising sun. This certainly is a beautiful part of the day.

After a cooked breakfast (this was one of the best bacon, egg and sausage meal we have ever had) we invited our friends to travel with us to Narrabri for a look around the district. We setup the motor home for the additional passengers and headed to the nearby Australian Telescope. As we travelled down the access road, we were greeted by several kangaroos.

The Australian Telescope is operated by the CSIRO. It is a radio telescope that at this site comprises five dishes located on a three kilometre rail line and a sixth fixed dish located three kilometres away. When you add the Parkes Radio Telescope and another dish at Coonabarabran, you have a massive instrument that is capable of picking up the signal from a mobile telephone located on Pluto. We found this site facinating and spend a considerable amount of time looking at the attraction and took a large number of photographs. The array was being used during our visit.

We then travelled into Narrabri and had a nice lunch at a cafe, then walked around the main street and did a quick shop at Coles. Next visit was to a Lavender farm that we had trouble finding (it appeared to be closed) and then to the local cotton attraction that was also closed.

We returned to Yarrie Lake just after 3pm and spend time talking with friends.
Happy hour commenced at 5pm after which we had a beaut BBQ. After finishing tea, we had a trivia night. Normally you need about 35 points to win, tonight we won with 15. The questions were exceptionally difficult.

Eventhough we are located in a remote area, we were able to learn that the West Tigers beat the raiders and that Collingwood beat Geelong. The reason for bring the satellite dish is still valid and with luck we will see the Tigers play in the Grand Final.

It was very cold and we stayed talking near our roaring fire.

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