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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



Southern Highlands & Narrabeen NSW – 31 July to 2 Aug 2010

For us this was a long weekend with “He”” entitled to have Monday off work due to the NSW Bank Holiday.

We had planned to travel to Mittagong in June this year but never made it due to both of us being ill.  Fortunately the owners of the Mittagong Caravan Park were prepared to transfer our paid deposit to another date so we decided to book for this weekend.

Mittagong is just over 100 kilometres south west of Sydney and is located at the entrance of the area known as the Southern Highlands.  This area includes the townships of Mittagong, Bowral, Moss Vale, Bundanoon and Robertson.  It is a very popular area for retirees.

For us this weekend allowed us to escape the routine of city living and also a chance for some R & R after some stressful times at work.  “He”” has been under pressure at work being involved in premises relocation and frankly, we both needed a break.  The weekend also provided the opportunity to have the motor home serviced on Monday at Sydney RV Centre.
Departure from Sydney was at 8:30am with the first stop at Concord as “He”” was having a birthday (now only two years to retirement and counting!)  so it was very appropriate to see “his” mother before we travelled south.

Our trip south was trouble free (we did see a parachutist who had landed on the edge of the freeway – a lucky person!) and the GPS was programmed to take us close to the Robertson Pie Shop where we would be purchasing our evening meal.  The GPS routed us around the outskirts of the Robertson township before returning us to the Illawarra Highway.  We turned left (should have turned right) and we found ourselves about to travel down Macquarie Pass.  As fate would have it, a decision was made several years ago NEVER to travel over this piece of road and we now found ourselves firmly committed to travelling down the road  as there was neither any stops to stop or to turn around.  We managed to negotiate a couple of tight hair-pin turns before we were able to stop and turn around and head back towards Robertson.  This road was not as bad as we had believed.

We found the Pie Shop, purchased our lunch (we ate in the comfort of Blue Snoopy) and also our evening meal (pies).  Unfortunately high winds had started to blow so we decided to head back to Mittagong and take up early residence in the caravan park and have a lazy afternoon watching videos.

After our check-in, we spent several seconds levelling the motor home and we were soon ready to relax still remember the old days of camping in a tent when hours were required to setup). 

The proprietors of the caravan park had offered us a cable to connect to their community television antenna and to take advantage of the channels offered by Austar.  Fortunately we were able to connect the Austar antenna to our external satellite dish connector and then simply connect the internal cable to the set top box rather than the decoder.  This was brilliant as we would have been forced to bring the cable in via a window or the main door.  Something for all to remember for the future, always have an external and internal connection point for RG-6 type connectors installed in a motor home or caravan.

Rather than watching television, we watch a DVD titled “Bran Neu Dae” that we have owned for a while but never watched.  Bran Nue Dae is a coming-of-age musical comedy that celebrates family, forgiveness and aboriginal reconciliation.  It is set in Western Australia.

The movie was actually very good and one that we can recommend.

After watching the movie we fired up our oven and the microwave and we were soon enjoying a delicious meal washed down by a nice wine from the Crooked River Winery (and that is another story).

We had an early night in bed and we stayed put on Sunday morning a little longer than usual as checkout was at 11:00am.

We left Mittagong close to 9:30am and commenced our short trip back to Sydney.  We detoured via Bicentennial Park where we briefly met our Son, Daughter-in-Law and Grandson who were about to have lunch there. 

After collecting our car from home, we headed to Narrabeen and our overnight stay at the Big 4 Caravan Park.  After a stroll to Sydney RV Center (they have recently started to open on Sundays) we watched another DVD and then purchased our evening meal from a local fish shop.  It rained during the evening but was clear when we awoke on Monday.

We left the motor home with Sydney RV Service Section just after 8:30am (for a 2 year service and the final service before warranty expires) and headed back to their showroom where we had coffee and a long discussion with the Sydney RV Centre owner, Jeremy.  Next stop was Warringah Mall, after which we spent a couple of hours looking (tire kicking) for a vehicle that we can either flat tow or trailer behind the motor home.

We arrive home at 5:30pm with a fully serviced motor home.

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