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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



23 February 2010 – Moama to Albury

We had our most comfortable night’s sleep since leaving home.  A cool breeze and the open window adjacent to our bed certainly did the trick. 

“She” rose at 6:30am for a shower and hair wash whilst “He” slept in until 7:00am.

We left the caravan park at 9:00am and headed back to Echuca and St Anne’s Winery where we hoped to purchase a bottle of chocolate port.  The port was still unavailable and we were told we could probably go directly to their winery located at Moama.  We were not about to cross the border again so the port would have to wait.

We now had to make a decision with the next destination for our trip as the itinerary we left with our family suggested we were heading to Bendigo in Victoria.   For the second time since leaving Sydney, our original trip plan was about to be changed. 

We stopped at the local McDonalds where free internet was available.  We wanted to have a coffee and discuss our options which included continuation of our planned trip and head to Bendigo (last night we looked at what was on and unfortunately our timing was out), miss Bendigo and continue down the Murray staying longer than planned, continue with the plan and get home early or do something unplanned.

We decided to continue down the Murray stopping at Rutherglen to visit several wineries and overnight at Albury before heading to Canberra.  “She” has for sometime wanted to visit the War Memorial during business hours to learn why a relative’s records were locked.

We stopped at two wineries at Rutherglen and purchased several bottles of Muscat before heading to Albury and a stay at the Top Tourist Park caravan park at Lavington.  We stayed at this park last November and we still regard it at one of the better parks we have stayed at.

We purchased a chicken for tea then went for a walk.  With the air conditioning running, the motor home once again provided for an excellent night’s sleep.

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