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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



21 February 2010 – Swan Hill (Vic) to Moama (NSW)

We returned to the Village when it opened in the morning and spent several more hours looking and admiring the unique displays. We had a lengthy ride in a vintage Dodge motor car and then decided to depart before the temperature rose.

Originally we intended to spend two nights at Swan Hill but our three nights at Mildura forced us to change our plans.

We departed Swan Hill at midday heading towards our next stop at Echuca. The drive to Echuca was a non event with the speed now set at around 80kph. Whilst travelling towards Echuca, we noted a change in the sky and we watched a storm form. We arrived at Echuca before the storm (the storm actually missed Echuca) and were amazed at the number of people and the lack of parking. Echuca was having a jazz and food festival.

We paid a visit to St Anne’s Winery and purchased several bottles of wine (unlikely that the wine will make it back to Sydney) and then had a quick look at several other shops before departing for the caravan park at Moama. We had stayed at Maiden Inn before and as fate would have it, we were given the same site as the last stay which was adjacent to the Murray River.

After the initial setup of the motor home (sun shades, connect fresh water, connect grey water hose, extend slide-out etc) we attempted to tune (without any success) our desktop box. Whilst we were picking up digital from Bendigo, the reception was poor so we had no option than an ordinary analogue picture. For the second time this trip, we tried to connect our satellite system but without luck. It appeared that we found the right satellite but the decoder box could not resolve the connection. Something else to look at back in Sydney.

It started to rain but we were fortunate that the storm missed us. With the arrival of the change in weather, the temperature had dropped and we were looking forward to a good sleep without the need for air conditioning or a fan.

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