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17 February 2010 – Hay to Mildura (Vic)

We set the alarm for 7.00am intending to leave at 9.00am. The intended destination was Wentworth and a look at the spot where the Murray and Darling Rivers meets.

The trip across the Hay Plain was done with the motor home cruising at 100kph. During the trip “She” discovered a trip that was available to the Mungo National Park. During summer, the trip is run in the afternoon allowing you to experience sunset. A trip there during the day is simply far too hot in summer. This trip as been shown on most of the major television networks and recently on “Getaway” and “The Great Outdoors”.

Thanks to some “Google” work by our son, we called the tour operator and were able to book a trip for Wednesday. We decided to make some alteration to our plan as it became apparent that there is a lot to look at in the Mildura area.

We chose a caravan park adjacent to a shopping centre where we had lunch. Immediately following lunch, we headed to a local gem shop (Woodsies Gem Shop) where we saw a couple of rock working demonstrations and spent a couple of dollars purchasing some jewellery and polished rocks.

We returned to the caravan park and connected the motor home to power to get the air-conditioning working. The temperature was around the 36 degree mark. We did some shopping at the local Woolworths and eventually purchased a chicken for tea.

Since our recent trip to Narrabeen, we have found that running the air conditioning in fan mode during the night creates sufficient air flow for a very comfortable night.

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