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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



14 November 2009 – Nagambie Lakes Vic

We awoke to a hot Saturday and shared breakfast with our fellow Winnebago RV Club members. 

Today we attended several motor home service related seminars and also took time to look at a trade show that had been setup on the site.  Several Winnebago motor homes were displayed together with displays from suppliers including Dometic / Waeco.  “She” took the opportunity to have her hair done and we both played bingo.  Fortune smiled upon us as jointly we won 3 of the 10 bingo games with a $50 note being collected from one of the games.  “He” tried his luck in a golf chipping competition but without success.

During one of the seminars it was recommended never to use “Swap N Go” gas bottles as they may contain oil to inhibit rust.  The oil was known to cause issues with the gas setup in motor homes.  “He” made a mental note to address this immediately after returning to Sydney as one of our original bottles was replaced earlier this year when we were not able to obtain a refill, only a replacement.

As this day progressed, it became hotter but Blue Snoopy remained cool with the air conditioning keeping the inside temperature around the 27 degree mark.

The opportunity was also taken to discuss with a representative from one of the Melbourne based Winnebago dealers the problem with the reversing camera.  It was agreed that the problem appeared to be connection related and there would be a need to return to a Sydney dealer to have the problem addressed.  Unfortunately the construction of the Iveco’s front dash does not make it easy to inspect the wiring. Damn!

We actually decided that as the system was out of warranty, it may be more cost effective to replace the entire system rather than waste money on looking for a fault that we really didn’t know where it was located.  A wireless system started to sound good but what is the cost?   The cost would probably be at the expense of a metal detector that “He” has on his shopping list.

Thanks to the generosity of the Dometic organisation, the evening happy hour was sponsored and we all enjoyed several cold refreshments before heading off to the Christmas Dinner that was sponsored by OAMPS Insurances brokers.  For the record, we are insured through OAMPS.

200 people packed into a function centre at the Leisure Park and enjoyed the evening meal and excellent entertainment which was courtesy of a “one man” band.  Winnebago’s ambassador, Dawn Frazer, attended the function and we were fortunate enough to be able to share part of the evening meal in Dawn’s company.  Dawn was not well suffering from hay fever and still recovering from recent knee surgery.  Nevertheless, she still managed to make the trip to Nagambie in her Winnebago Esperance.

It was well after 11pm when we departed the function and returned to a nice cool Blue Snoopy and a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Whilst attending to personal needs in the adjacent amenities block, “She” overhead a discussion when it was mentioned that high winds were forecast for Nagambie.  This soon spread around the park and awnings were retracted for the night.  The awning on Blue Snoopy stuck whist being retracted and during the process to free the awning, a nut was dropped on the ground.  Thanks to the help of a neighbor, the nut was replaced and eventually the awning was secured.  The winds never eventuated and we now wonder if someone was having a bit of a joke to see how far and fast a rumor would spread.  If that was the intention, the person would have been more than satisfied.

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