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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



Katoomba – 17 October 2009

“He” turned on the ignition key and the starter motor turned over but Blue Snoopy would not start!

How long was it since we had started the motor home? Actually the motor home had been started two weeks prior when it was repositioned in our driveway but the motor had operated for less than 60 seconds.  Last time the motor home was run for any length of time was back on 9th August 2009 when we returned from our last trip.  It was 10 weeks since Blue Snoopy had been used.

We had been grounded whilst “She” recovered from major surgery performed in August 2009.  A recovery period of a minimum of 6 weeks was expected.  We had intended to travel to Berry NSW over the October long weekend but some personal issues prevented that trip from taking place.

Fortunately Blue Snoopy started on the second attempt and we were on our way for the relatively short trip to the Blue Mountains with the intent to give Blue Snoopy a good workout prior to a trip next month to Central Victoria.

After a short drive to Concord, we were heading west on the M4 motorway when “He” asked “Can you hear that!”  She responded with a simple “What?”

What we could hear was the gentle purr of the Iveco’s diesel engine as it pushed Blue Snoopy down the freeway at a leisurely 90 kph.  Also, as a result of the recent wheel alignment, the steering was very true and responsive.  It did not take long to totally get back into “the groove” after the ten (10) week period away from using the motor home.

Our destination for the weekend was Katoomba Falls Caravan Park.  It was intended to stop at a Christmas shop at Glenbrook and then another Christmas shop at Mt Victoria and finally “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” which is also located at Mt Victoria.  We stopped at Glenbrook and made several Christmas purchases and then headed to Mt Victoria and spent some time in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” (the second Christmas shop had closed).  We purchased a small plane for our Grandson and then headed back to Katoomba via a quick shop at Kmart and Coles in Katoomba.

We arrived at the caravan park mid afternoon and spent a fair amount of time leveling the vehicle to achieve a position where any rain on the slideout would travel away from the vehicle seals.  This was achieved but only after turning the vehicle around.

It rained several times during the afternoon and we decided not to pursue a walk to Katoomba Falls until the weather looked less threatening.  Thanks to a small device we had purchased for tuning the RV television antenna (is called “Worldwide VHF/UHF TV Signal Finder” and available from “The Happy Wanderer Caravan Accessories”), for possibly the first time ever we achieved a near perfect television picture.

Their web site is:   http://www.happywanderer.net.au

In the past we had observed where other RV’s antennas were pointing and set our antenna in the same direction.  The tuning device attaches to the antenna cable for either VH or UHF signals and you simply rotate the antenna until the maximum number of LEDs are illuminated.  This is then the right direction for the television signal.

We had an early “happy hour” and then quiche for our evening meal.  This provided the opportunity to use our stove (third time) and provide a small amount of heat into the motor home.

Just before sunset the weather cleared so we set off for a quick walk to several lookouts near Katoomba Falls.  The setting sun provided us with a view of the Jamison Valley that we had not experienced before and we captured the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls and the distant Mt Solitary in several photographs.  We made it back to the caravan park just as darkness fell.

We had a comfortable sleep and were not even woken by the rain that fell overnight.

Sunday presented as an overcast day so we decided it was probably not worth any further walks on what would now be damp and possibly muddy tracks..

We set no records preparing for our departure home but left Katoomba satisfied that the motor home was fully functional and ready for the trip south into Victoria next month.

Disclaimer – We have no commercial interest with either the Happy Wanderer Caravan Accessories organisation or the manufacturer of the Worldwide VHF/UHF TV Signal Finder.

Fuel Consumption – Filled at Drummoyne NSW in August then travelled to Rathmines and back (return trip was fairly quick down the Newcastle – Sydney Freeway) then Sydney to Mt Victoria and return.  Total of 505 k’s at 13.81 (from the Iveco computer).  My calculation is low 15’s but this could be wrong depending on amount of fuel added when refueling and the amount of fuel used by the Webasto diesel heater.


Prior to departing Sydney for this trip, “He” installed a new antenna on our UHF CB radio.  A separate post will be made regards the acquisition of the new antenna from Mobile One and the reason behind the antenna.

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