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Thursday 19 March 09 – Ballarat to Echuca VIC

Sadly we said farewell to our friends who were returning to their home in Melbourne. We departed at 8.30am and headed back into Bendigo for a 9.30am tour of the Central Deborah Gold Mine. The cost was $24 each and we consider that excellent value for money. We were provided with hard hats and lights and decended 61 metres down into the mine via a lift. We were shown the workings of a gold mine and a detailed geology lesson as to how the gold is formed and where it is located. We were shown fools gold plus the real stuff that still remains in the walls of the mine. We were also shown how some of the machinery operates in the mine and also information about the history of mining in Bendigo.

After departing the mine, we refuelled and replenished our supply of bottled water. Next stop was at Bendigo Pottery where we stopped for a quick look and lunch. The drive to Echuca was only 100 kilometers and we arrived just before 2.00pm which allowed us to book a 2.30pm cruise on a Murray paddle steamer. We retuned to the Echuca Port at 2.15pm aqnd after having a quick look a the relics we boarded the Alexander Arbuthnot for a one hour cruise. There is no denying the fact that the Murray is a magnificant river and we both enjoyed the opportunity to see some old paddle cruisers, new one and a sample of the pleasure craft that operate in the area. The captain of the boat explained that the river was about one metre lower than usual and it is hopeful that the snow fall this year will be substantial and allow for an increase in the amount of water that is released.

Next stop was a winery where we spent a considerable time tasting several ports and muscats before we purchased a significant quantity of port and a muscat. We won’t have a need to purchase port for a considerable amount of time (we also need to reduce our fresh water in the motor home to ensure that we are not overweight from the port).

We stayed overnight at the Maiden’s Inn Holiday Park which is located in NSW at Moama. We had a site adjacent to the river and we both agreed that this rates as the best caravan park we have ever stayed at. More remarkable was the cost (with discount) that was just over $30. Ther park is owned by Aspen Parks and is one of five parks acquired by Aspen Parks in this area over the past year.

We cooked ham steaks for tea and enjoyed several cold drinks after a very hot day.


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