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Thursday 12 March 09 – Meringur VIC to Swan Reach SA

We were up early but were the fourth last vehicle to leave on the final driving day of the safari. Today we would leave Victoria and travel into South Australia with our intended destination being a small town on the banks of the Murray River called Swan Reach.

It was dry but overcast when we departed and we headed back towards the Sturt Highway. For the first time in several weeks, we drove into heavy rain and a new dimension was added to the driving experience. During this part of the trip, we would cross into South Australia but would need to go through the Fruit Fly inspection site. Just prior to the border, we stopped and disposed of the fruit and veggies that could not be taken over the border. Due to the number of motor homes in front of us, the delay at the border was significant and it was whilst we were stopped that the low fuel warning light came on. It had been the intention to refuel at Meringur however, fuel was not available. Fortunately we had sufficient fuel to reach the next fuel stop which was only 50 metres after the border crossing.

We continued west in continuing rain towards Renmark but turned before Renmark and headed to Loxton, another smallish town on the banks of the Murray River. Our short stay in Loxton was to be amusing with issues at the dump point when a hose being used by one of the safarites broke whilst emptying his black tank. It was like experiencing Robin Williams’ movie, RV Vacation first hand with all present (including the owner) in fits of laughter as the hose uncoiled itself as it was being retracted. We did some shopping in Loxton before having lunch locally and we drove to the Murray River which was a short distance away. After a timely reminder with thunder from a distant storm, we left Loxton on the final leg of the safari. As we drove out of the RV Friendly town, “She” passed a comment that Loxton was one of the nicest towns we have ever visited.

Just over one hour later, we arrived at Swan Reach and headed to the local hotel for our final check-in. The temperature was over 30 celsius and the drinks at the hotel hardly touched the sides as we indulged.

At 4.00pm, the safarites were told they could leave and proceed to the site where we would be camped for the next couple of days. This was a ground adjacent to the local school. The top ten fund raiser were asked to wait behind as they would form a procession into the camp site. Thanks to our sponsors, we were the ninth highest fund raisers and the second vehicle to enter the sports fields. With all lights on plus the flashers and our Australian flag proudly displayed on the front of the vehicle, we were the second vehicle to arrive and be welcomed by the remaining safarites who formed a guard of honour. As soon as we parked, we also joined the safarities in welcoming the remaining vehicles and the highest fund raisers.

We had purchased chicken at Loxton so tea consisted of chicken and salad. We were joined by another couple after tea for drinks and cheese before we joined another group of people for a sing around a couple of guitars and an accordion. We had our latest night since leaving Sydney but that would not matter as we would be sleeping in on Friday.

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