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Monday 9 March 09 – Coleambally to Moulamein NSW

It was warm last night but we were still able to have a comfortable nights sleep.

Departure was set at 9.30am and the sequence would result in us being in the last group of vehicles to depart. We were asked to proceed down the main street of Coleambally to farewell the locals who had been very supportive of the safari. It was also stated that the presence of multiple RVs may cause a traffic jam, something that had never been experienced in the area. We departed close to 10.30am and proceeded to Jeralderie where we stopped for morning tea and a quick visit to an ATM.

After morning tea we continued west on the main road until reaching our lunch stop before heading south. We stopped at a hotel to answer some questions and at this point, we were informed of an error in the instructions and we still had 90 odd kilometres to travel rather than to 30 shown in our program.

We eventually arrived at Moulamein and after a fuel stop, we proceed to our overnight stop at the local sports field and bowling club.

During happy hour, “He” competed in a lawn bowls event (made the final) and then had the experience of a REAL games of lawn bowls that was very enjoyable. We had dinner in the sports club and that was followed by an auction where we purchased a safari shirt and a title to register as either a Lord or Lady from the Principality of Sealand.

The Principality of Sealand website states that “This Indivdual Noble Title Award is approved and granted by our Sovereign, the Head of State and the Royal Family of Sealand, and is based upon the constitutional laws of our government, established in 1967. This award is given in recognition of your financial support towards the welfare and development of Sealand and the desire to become part of our independent Sovereign State”. This award is part of a new worldwide initiative from the government of Sealand to create awareness for our determination to continue our fight for freedom and independence. As our motto states: From the Sea, Freedom!”

“He” is now a Lord as a result of the purchase and it looks like we will have some fun over coming days with the other safarites.  Apparent we will lead the safari tomorrow.

When we return to Sydney, we will register the title for a bit of fun and next year if we attend the safari, we will fly the flag of the Principality of Sealand.

We were in bed by 11.00pm on what was a very warm night.

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