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Saturday 7 March 09 – Ganmain to Coleambally NSW

We had another good sleep with the temperature in the van very comfortable. We arose early to prepare for breakfast that was provided by a set donation to the local football club. Immediately after breakfast, “She” went into town to attend the local markets which she enjoy as $50 was given to local causes (second last 50 that was allocated for the trip!!).

After saying farewell to Bill, we departed the camping ground just after 11.00am and returned back to Ganmain for morning tea. The venue was at the site of several houses that were being constructed from hay and soil. We looked inside one and were surprised at the temperature that the insulation of hay provided.

For the next five hours, we travelled down numerous back roads avoiding all the major settlements. Once again, as a result of a bad instruction, we missed a turn and with several other safarites, continued down the Stuart Highway until we found a sign pointing to the intended lunch destination. Fortunately the road was sealed and relatively good and provided further opportunity to view some  of the remote farming areas of Southern NSW.  It is VERY dry down here!

After the lunch stop where we were required to answer some questions, we continued on the back roads until we finally arrived at our next stop, Coleambally where we are staying for two nights. We refuelled and headed to the local sports field and eventually located a spot to establish our camp site. We shared happy hour at 4.00pm and then experienced the delights of the Coleambally Cup when a race meeting was held. There were six wooden horses available and you were able to bet on a colour. The horses moved forward based on the throw of a dice. There were several heats prior to the main event when the horses were auctioned off. We managed to purchase the blue horse and will take the horse home for our grandson.

Unfortunately our horse did not win and we could not attend the festivities in the winners circle.  “Fashions in the Field” was also conducted and it was amazing to see the extent that some of the safarities had gone to with dress.  It is very obvious that the intend of this event is to have a good time and that we certainly are!

There was a BBQ etc going on in the town on Saturday night plus an outside movies (Get Smart) but we decided to cook some of the lamb we had won on the previous night. The lamb was great and after watching a music DVD, we had a relatively early night in bed. Power still remains excellent as we appear to be generating more solar power than we are using. Shortly we will start to experiment to see how far the power will go and what it will support.  We need to obtain water tomorrow or there will be no showers in the motor home.

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