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Friday 6 March 09 – Rankins Springs to Ganmain NSW

As each night passes, we sleep sounder. The temperature last night was extremely comfortable and required a blanket for warmth.

We arose early, had breakfast and after the daily radio call we attended the golf championship where the safarites each had three putts on a sand green. We both failed to move on to the final.

Today we were the second vehicle to depart and after the first vehicle made an incorrect turn, we found ourselves leading the safari to our morning tea stop and final destination for the day, Ganmain. After the morning tea stop, we managed to get ourselves lost as a result of an incorrect distance measure on the instruction sheet. For a short period of time, there were about 15 motor homes, 5th wheelers and campervans checking several possibilities before we all headed down the correct road.

Upon arriving at Ganmain, we stopped at the local produce store and made arrangements to have a gas cylinder refilled. We then setup camp at the local sports club where once again, the safaris members where parked on a golf course. A committee member of the sports club was kind enough to provide a ride back into town so we could collect the gas bottle.

When “He” returned from town, “She” made mention of a kind man who had insisted that “She” have a cuppa. When the kind man was pointed out, “He” almost fell over with shock as “She” was pointing to an old workmate from 1972 when “He” was employed by the CBA. Bill is the Secretary Manager of the Ganmain Sports Club and now a local resident. Needless to say, considerable time was spent discussing old times.

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