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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



Winnebago RV Club Xmas Party from 8-12 Dec 2008

On Friday morning we departed home just after 10.00am and travelled to Wiseman’s Ferry, a small town that is located on the banks of the Hawkerbury River.  We acrossed the Hawkerbury River on the Webbs Creek Ferry, turned left and arrived at our home for the next three nights, The Del Rio Riverside Resort.

This trip was special for us as it was the first time since owning a motorhome that we had attended a group event and it was also the first time that we would have to rely on the motorhome as our site was unpowered.

The event was organised by Kelly from the Winnebago RV Club and Kelly was assisted by Max and some other Winnebago staff members.  The weekend also included a small trade show, several seminars and we were able to have a close look at several Winnebago Motorhomes that were bought on site by representative from Australian Motorhomes, Sydney RV Centre and Country Winnebago.

We estimate that there were somewhere between 40 to 50 motorhomes attending and all participants enjoyed a wonderful weekend together.

The happy hour circle was exceptionally large and the fellowship between participants was outstanding.

We left on Monday morning after having a wonderful weekend which included meeting several couples that we hope we can keep in contact with.

Del Rio was a fantastic venue and we will return next year.

We survived the three nights without power but it did make us realise that the purchase on a couple of 80 watt solar panels may be the way to go.

Biggest surprise of the weekend was a trip over a weighbridge which confirmed the fact that we do need to have the Leisure Seeker re-rated back to 5200kg and we both need to obtain LR licences.  Whislt we can manage the situation and operate the motorhome legally (within the GVM weight restriction of 4494kg) on our current licences, we will gain more flexibility by pursuing an upgrade.

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