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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



2 – 5 August 2008 – Tasmania and Cradle Mountain

As has become somewhat of a tradition, the NSW Bank Holiday weekend has become an excuse to visit an interstate city for a long weekend.  Adelaide was the venue in 2006, Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road in 2007 and Hobart and Cradle Mountain in 2008.

We departed home at 4.30am for a taxi ride to the airport to allow us to catch our 6.00am flight to Melbourne for a one hour stopover before heading south to Hobart.

“She” ran into an old school friend who was the Customer Service Manager on the aircraft and this added to an enjoyable flight on both legs.  Thanks to an accumulation of frequent flyer points, we flew business class.  “She” ordered “sparkling” for breakfast (thought it would be water and not wine!) and by 6.30am we were enjoying the flight with a little added pleasure of an excellent wine.  The things you do!

We were a little late arriving in Hobart but after collecting a hire car (upgraded for free from a compact to mid size), we headed into Hobart and Salamanca Markets.  After departing the markets, we headed to a model railway exhibition at Claremont (Alpenrail).  This exhibition is world class and is a must when visiting this part of Australia.   

We stayed overnight at Wrest Point and headed towards Cradle Mountain on Sunday.  Our original plan was to travel north via the central part of Tasmania, however, we were informed a week before our departure that our intended track was part gravel road and the road was subject to snow falls and the like.  On the way down we had some clear sky and it appeared that the roads around the central lakes were clear of snow.  When arriving at the turnoff, a hasty decision was made to chance our luck and travel via the lakes.  This proved to be good judgement as it turned an ordinary trip into a spectacular one.  Only casualty was the car which completed the trip covered in mud and dirt from the wet gravel road.

We arrived at Cradle Mountain without any issues and settled into our remote cabin.  Our stay at this location was the result of a “deal” offered on the television program Getaway when we received some very attractive pricing for a two night stay.  We could fill a book about Cradle Mountain Lodge and still not do it justice.  Remote location, clean air, little “furry” things running about, wood fires, spa, excellent food at both the bistro and restaurant, superb service, wonderful scenery and the list goes on.

Monday was overcast with a little drizzle but not enough to stop us walking in the area around Lake Clare just below Cradle Mountain.  Whilst Cradle Mountain was encased in cloud, the surrounding lakes offered magical reflections and our cameras were kept busy.  The cloud lifted in the afternoon and afforded us clear views of Cradle Mountain and heaps of photographs include some that have found their way into the gallery on this site.
img_2925.jpg img_2836.jpgimg_2980.jpg

We drove back to Hobart on Tuesday via Launceston for a late afternoon flight back to Sydney via Melbourne.   

One of the objectives of this trip was to determine if we felt comfortable about taking “Blue Snoopy” across Bass Strait to explore this wonderful island.  A plan will now be developed for a trip there when we can manage it.

“What are the Odds of?”

– Noticing a couple in a small coffee shop on the outskirts of Hobart sitting at an adjacent table having lunch at the same time as you?


– Seeing the same couple 24 hours later, 250 kilometres to the north in the same coffee shop as you also having lunch at the same time?
– Finding out they were also going to Cradle Mountain?
-Having the same couple stay in the cabin adjacent to the one you were staying in?
– Seeing the same couple at an adjacent table at breakfast for the next two mornings?
– Seeing the same couple on the track whilst walking near Cradle Mountain?

I don’t know what the odds would be, but it happened to us!



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