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16 June 2008 – Dubbo to Sydney

We set the alarm for 6.00am to ensure we would arrive back in Sydney early in the afternoon.  We departed just after 7.30am with the intention to simply drive home doing the prescribed speed limit. 
We passed through Wellington and stopped at Orange for morning tea.  The amount of traffic on the road had increased substantially and we were now experiencing the annoying problem that the majority of drivers don’t like being behind a truck and need to pass irrespective of the speed required or safety issues.  It also never ceases to amaze us how “P” plate drivers think they are invincible and are allowed to do any speed they desire.  We were passed by a lady in her early 20’s who, besides tailgating the vehicle in front of us after passing the motorhome, was not to be seen again after she finally passed the car in front of us.  Where are the police when needed?
We experienced rain just after Bathurst, stopped at Lithgow so “He” could have a nature stop and then experienced some delay due to a motor vehicle accident near Hartley.  The trip over the Blue Mountains was smooth and we finally arrived in Sydney close to the expected arrival time.
In 26 days we have travelled just over 7000 kilometres, experienced 2 days that could be deemed as being wet, had the fortune of meeting a lot of interesting people, experienced the wonders of the Flinders Ranges and done the whole thing in a safe manner.  The Iveco has performed flawlessly and has done everything we have asked of it.  Whilst we have a couple of minor issues to correct with the conversion part of the motorhome, the Sunliner Odyssey has provided us with comfortable accommodation.  The planning of the trip was generally sound and the distances chosen to travel were very manageable.
We have now seen a large slice of this wonderful country and the next decision will be between going north (Northern Queensland via the coast) or to travel south to Melbourne and then cross for a couple of weeks in Tasmania.   Watch this space.
A summary of distance travelled, fuel costs and comments follows:

2007 Trip
Average fuel consumption  –   13.88 litres per 100 kilometres
Min cost of diesel was $1.23 per litre
Max cost of diesel was $1.59 per litre
Distance travelled: 7205 kilometres
2008 Trip
Average fuel consumption  –   13.87 litres per 100 kilometres
Min cost of diesel was $1.72 per litre
Max cost of diesel was $1.99 per litre
Note: had we not managed the purchase of fuel, we would have been required to pay $2.24 per litre at Barkley Homestead NT or $2.25 per litre at Wycliffe Wells NT ($1.99 was at Camoweal QLD and was a top-up following a complete fill at Mt Isa where prices were more manageable.  $1.99 was also paid at Tennant Creek in the NT after crossing the Barkley Tablelands) 
Distance travelled: 7221 kilometres
(last updated 19/08/2008)

3 comments to 16 June 2008 – Dubbo to Sydney

  • Alan Larsen

    I’ve seen Blue Snoopy advertised for sale.
    I was wondering if you had yet calculated fuel efficiency details for this motor home.

    Have you decided to go to a larger vehicle?


  • Russ and Val Balfour

    Good afternoon,

    We would like to know your thoughts on the performance of your Iveco truck.

    We are thinking of purchasing a Sunliner Motorhome with an Iveco truck. Would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have in relation to either.

    Kind regards
    Russ and Val Balfour

  • Grey Nomad

    Private message sent.

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