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13 June 2008 – Broken Hill

Last night provided both of us with the best sleep we have had since leaving home.  The alarm was set for 7.00am and we drove out of the caravan park at 8.45am.  First stop was to a local caravan accessory outlet where we purchased a replacement bracket that holds the main door open ($2.50) and a supply of sealant to be used on the windows to reduce the chance of future leaks.

We returned the key for the sculptures to the information centre, spent some money on gifts and then headed to the lookout on the “Line of Lode”.  The wind was bitterly cold so we decided to head to Silverton.  When we visited Broken Hill 12 months ago, we had a grand total of about 30 minutes in Silverton before the sun set.  The road to Silverton displayed evidence of recent flooding and we drove through Silverton to our first stop at the Mundi Mundi lookout where you are able to see the curvature of the earth.  The view from this lookout cannot be described as the landscape looking to the north is absolutely flat and yes, the curvature of the earth is clearly visible.  We then travelled to the Umberumberka Reservoir which is a body of water held back by a dam built almost 100 years ago.  This is the source of water supply for Broken Hill.

We returned to Silverton and visited several of the local relics and galleries before having lunch in the local café.  This was followed by a visit to the local museum which must have, in our opinion, the best collection of memorabilia in Australia.  As an example, the museum contains the original documentation for the incorporation of QANTAS plus the first ticket that QANTAS issues.  We cannot understand why this is not in the QANTAS Founders Museum.  Entry to this museum was $3.00 and it has to be the best value for money ever.

Final visit for the day was to White’s Museum that contains an excellent display of mining information and an extraordinary display of dolls.

We decided to have fish and chips for tea and this turned out to be one of the best take-away meals we have ever purchased. 

We will set our clocks forward tonight (to NSW time zone) as we commence the final stage of our journey home tomorrow.

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