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10 June 2008 – Flinders Ranges

The alarm went off at 7.00am and a quick look out the window revealed low cloud over Wilpena Pound.  There would be no flying today.

We decided to drive to the Wilpena Pound Resort (there is an airstrip there and hopefully in better condition than Rawnsley Park).  We stopped at the visitor’s centre and enquired about flying (not on!!) so reluctantly we purchased a DVD on the Flinders and a couple of postcards (can always scan the pictures and add the scans to the trip pictures!)   We visited a lookout (Solar Hill)  and then had a look at the original Wilpena Pound homestead.  Another trip back to the visitor’s centre confirmed that there would definitely be no flying so we headed back to the caravan park.

We made tentative arrangements to have a flight on Wednesday (tomorrow) but this would be subject to the weather conditions and the state of the airstrip. One has to be optimistic!

We were invited to “happy hour” by one of our neighbours and we enjoyed a couple of hours there in front of a nice fire.  Prior to “happy hour” we climbed to the top of a hill behind the camping ground and we managed to make a couple of telephone calls back to Sydney. The view was outstanding.

Once again, we would be having a late tea and today we had fresh food that would take an hour to cook.  “He” headed into the camp kitchen and with help from another guest, managed to get tea underway.  Five minutes later, “He” had to take a comfort stop and returned to find the evening meal burnt on one side.  Not to worry, the other side was not burnt and with luck, “She” would not notice.

One hour later we shared what must be one of the best meals we have had since being away.  The meal ended up being cooked to perfection.  We had also met another couple from Sydney and we stayed in the camp kitchen talking until late in the evening.  Robyn and Charles had also booked a flight tomorrow and it was the same flight as ours.

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