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8 June 2008 – Coober Pedy to Port Augusta

As anticipated, the rain arrived. We had light rain overnight and this settled the dust in Coober Pedy. The plan for today was to head south and at Pimba (near Woomera), turn left and travel an additional 88 kilometres and overnight at Roxby Downs.

After posting the blog yesterday, we found that we had blown two light globes, one over the bed, the other was the exterior light. We had a spare for the internal light but not for the other.

The alarm went off at 6.00am and we vacated the caravan park at 7.30am. First stop was to obtain and install a replacement external globe and after this was completed, we were heading south by 7.45am in light to medium rain.

We stopped for a break and morning tea two hours later and it was at this point that “He” discovered that some water had entered through a window. After some hasty repairs, we were on our way again. The water issue actually turned out to be a non-event and it forced “Him” into doing some future proofing under the guidance and knowledge of AMH to ensure that the warranty was protected .

The weather deteriorated as we headed south with visibility reducing all the time. There was a lot of traffic heading north and we made a decision not to detour to Roxby Downs but to continue on to Port Augusta. In addition to reducing our entire trip by 160 kilometres, we would have a three hour start on our trip tomorrow into the Flinders Ranges. We cancelled our booking at Roxby Downs (apparently our booking had not been recorded anyway) and rang and booked Big 4, Port Augusta.

We arrived in Port Augusta at 4.15pm after travelling 540 kilometres in very ordinary weather. We saw nothing of the countryside and on occasions could not determine if we were looking at low cloud or a lake. This weather is unusual for this time of year and we are aware that it is raining from “Three Ways” to Adelaide with the cloud bank covering the majority of the Northern Territory and South Australia. We also understand that the rain will be here for another 24 hours. The satellite picture we saw this morning also has another cloud band about 3 days away.

We had microwave meals for tea and then played Blokus and watched Grey’s Anatomy before heading to bed.

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