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3 June 2008 – Alice Springs to Palm Valley & return

Last night was cool and this allowed us to have the best night’s sleep so far this trip.  Our slumber was disturbed at 5.30am when the alarm rang. 

We had a quick breakfast and prepared ourselves for a bus trip to Palm Valley and then Hermannsburg.  Our 4 wheel drive, AAT Kings bus arrived at 7.10am and after picking up another 8 guests we headed west towards Palm Valley.  At Hermannsburg, we engaged low range and headed towards Palm Valley.  This site is only accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicles.

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The trip into the valley was very rough with the vehicle travelling down the middle of the Finke River bed on one occasion.  Whilst we were in this area, we went on 3 walks, one taking close to 2 hours.  As part of the cost, we were provided with morning tea, lunch and then afternoon tea at Hermannsburg.


The scenery in this area is spectacular.  Palm Valley is an area that is several kilometres long and is bless with palm trees and cycads.  There are small pools of water that contain fish.

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There are also wild horses and camels in this area and we saw the tracks of several animals in the area that we walked.

Our arrival at Hermannsburg was 1 hour later than planned but we had sufficient time to look at the Historic Precinct, view a video about Albert Namatjira and then view 2 original works plus several other works of this family. We also looked through several buildings and a museum.  This is one site that requires another visit.

We arrived back at the caravan park at 7.00pm and had microwave meals for tea.  We settled ourselves in front of the televisions before hitting the sack around 11.00pm.  Alice Springs is a lot cooler than north Queensland with temperatures between 6 and about 22 degree Celsius.

Tomorrow will be spent in Alice.

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