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1 June 2008 – Barkly Homestead to Wycliffe Well

After uploading the blog entry last night, we went for a walk and had the fortune of meeting a lovely couple from Wellington, New Zealand.  We spoke with them for about 1 hour before we had tea and then for another hour or so after tea when they accepted our invitation for coffee.  They have travelled in Australia extensively over many visits and were about to head in the direction of the Gulf before travelling to Darwin.  We exchanged contact details.

We had our evening meal in the bar at Barkly Homestead and for once, we both had a very sound night’s sleep.  Apparently the correct number of windows was opened.

Today (day 11) we slept in.  The alarm went off at 6.30pm (“He” had to be reminded to change the alarm time due to time zone change) but we had both woken an hour before when nature called.

We watched the 3 model “T” Fords depart (they were heading towards Tennant Creek) and then said goodbye to our new friends before departing just after 8.30am.

The 180 kilometre drive to “Three Ways” was boring and uneventful.  We passed the Model “T” Fords (“The 3 escargots”) a fair way down the highway.  This simply proved the theory that “slow and steady” can win the race!

We were surprised when we were passed by a massive motorhome just before the junction of the Stuart Highway.  We still have no idea what the driver was doing as he turned in the same direction we were travelling and then slowed down. We can only assume that he was taking advantage of a tail wind because as soon as we turned south, the wind hit us and commenced throwing our motorhome all over the road.  We hope the wind will abate soon.

“He” had completed a lot of research before this trip and there was concern over the condition of the road between Mt Isa and “Three Ways”.  We had been told of the need to get off the road and stop when road trains approached, we understood that most of the road was narrow and needed to be ravelled VERY carefully. These concerns were totally unfounded as with the exception of a small strip of road after crossing the border, the road is excellent.  We also took a gamble in not refuelling at Barkly Homestead and now can confirm that we used 60 litres of fuel between Camooweal and Tennant Creek.  We paid $1.95 per litre for BP fuel at Tennant Creek.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         After refuelling, we commenced our journey home.  We stopped at the Devils Marbles (an outstanding natural attraction), took heaps of pictures and then headed to Wycliffe Well, the site of our overnight stop.  We are now driving into a headwind and we are sure this will impact our fuel consumption that has really been good for the first half of the trip.


Wycliffe Well is a Big 4 caravan park and the area is known as the UFO Capitol of Australia. “He” has his fingers crossed, “She” has told “Him” to shut up and not spook her.


After arriving at 2.00pm, we had a very relaxing afternoon.  The satellite dish was setup, “Go the Swans!” and we walked through the caravan park before returning for happy hour and microwave meals for tea.  img_0860.jpg

This is a lovely caravan park with heaps of atmosphere and lovely grounds.  This is one to be recommended.  “He” claims to have had the best shower since leaving Sydney as the water quality is excellent.

There is no Telstra reception here so no mobile phone or internet.  We will post this blog when settled into Alice Springs.

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