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24 May 2008 – Moree to Goondiwindi

Today was planned to allow for a visit to the artesian spa at Moree and a trip to a macadamia plantation before the short 120 kilometre trip to Goondiwindi.

After speaking with some other travellers about the short amount of time you can actually spend in the spa plus apparent security issues with valueables, we decided that a 40 kilometre diversion each way to the macadamia plantation would be more beneficial. First problem we had was to locate the information centre to determine where the plantation was. The information centre was solved with a call over the two way radio however, at the information centre we discovered that visits to the plantation took place only three times a week and it was pecan nuts, not macadamia. AND, today was not the right day!

After a quick stop at Coles for some essential supplies, we headed towards Goondiwindi and arrived in just under two hours.

We purchased fuel at Boggabilla NSW with the price at $1.72 per litre less a 4c discount. Previous comment regards the price in Sydney is now appearing to have some substance.

We checked into the Goodiwindi Tourist Park (Top Tourist Parks), had lunch then drove back to Goondiwindi. We paid a visit to the information centre where a display showing the history of GUNSYND was housed. “She” paid a visit to Target Country (had to buy something there) before we returned to the caravan park. Once again we were successful in setting up the satellite dish but “He” was disappointed to find out that the Sydney Swans game was not being broadcast.

We spent the afternoon relaxing outside with several coffees before happy hour followed by a BBQ for tea then a DVD.

It is fairly cool here and we should have a good night’s sleep.

We plan to rise early tomorrow and head to Roma.

Unfortunately we should not have allowed this day to happen as it was planned. In hind sight, we should have driven straight through to Roma rather than waste a day however, we did have an opportunity to relax.

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