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23 May 2008 – Tamworth to Moree

Last night was actually warmer than we expected.  We awoke to a beautiful Tamworth day and realisation that we were really on our trip.  The alarm went off at 7.00am and breakfast consisted of croissants, a banana and coffee.  After speaking with our neighbours, we departed at 9.30am and headed for the “Golden Guitar”.  $80 later and after a quick morning tea at Maccas, we headed off for the one hour drive to Gunnedah and lunch with “Her” relatives at a Chinese restaurant.

We left Gunnedah at 2.00pm and headed towards Moree.  We detoured at Boggabri and drove past the house where “Her” mother was born in 1911.  The house was built by “Her” grandfather and has stood the past 90 odd years well. 

We joined the Newell Highway at Narrabri and shared the last 90 kilometers into Moree with several truckies including a B Double driven by a female who was hell bent on setting speed records.

We stayed at the Mehi River Van Park which is also another delightful caravan park with excellent amenities.  The norm is now meeting our neighbours and spending several hours talking.  This night was no exception with “Her” disappearing to the toilet only to be found 1 hour later talking to our next door neighbours.

The country we have passed through today has been remarkable and even though this area is in drought, there really is not a lot of evidence to suggest it is the case.  We did notice that the Namoi River is totally dry at Narrabri.

We were amazed to see diesel fuel at Narrabri being sold at a cheaper price than Sydney.  All this suggests is that the oil companies and service stations in Sydney are maximising their profits and using any excuse they can to justify the cost.  We do expect to pay more for diesel in the coming days.

Good news, “He” fixed both the Ipod and the rattle in the speaker.

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