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12 March 2008 – Wangaratta to Bright

Brown Brothers Day – a place high on “His” list of places to visit before he dies!!!

Thanks to the air-conditioning in the van, we had a very pleasant night’s sleep. We went to bed with the air-conditioning on but turned it off shortly after due to the noise. Prior to going to bed, we had concerns over the operation of the fridge and we now suspect it has something to do with the fridge being opened when the temperature was 32 degrees in the van. The fridge was normal in the morning (we would have had no idea about the fridge temperature if “He” had not purchased a refrigerator thermometer – in hind sight it was a good idea)

We departed at 9.00am heading towards Milawa and Brown Brothers Winery was the first call. Wine tasting started at 9.00am but we still had a leisurely drive there. 10.3oaaam (or whatever) – We several tried the of wines for available for tasting deciding before on 3 wines we that liked. We liked also a port described as a pudding Christmas (a muscat liqueur that tasted like a Christmas pudding). $everal hundred $ollars later, the motor-home was packed with a supply of wine, we had joined their Epicurean club (piss pots club!) and will receive access to sample packs of wine each quarter plus wines and ports only available at the cellar door. Naturally this is only for the purpose of research and to continue to be socially acceptable as there is no way we would ever admit to liking the stuff.

11.50am and later- We then were on our way to firstly a mustard factory, the Milawa Cheese factory, an art gallery, another winery and lunch at the cheese factory. It should be recorded that the pizza we shared at the cheese factory is probably number 2 on our list of “all time” great pizzas. Number 1 is still a chicken, cranberry, brie and nut pizza that we shared in Dunedin NZ. As a point of interest, the worst pizza we have ever had was on this trip at Cooma.


After lunch we motored through to Bright via Myrtleford. We were now on the Great Alpine Drive. The Big 4 caravan park at Bright is very well presented and we were allocated a site adjacent to 2 private bathrooms. We went for a walk around Bright before heading back to the camp site for happy couple of hours with our neighbours. We shared ham steaks and a wonderful salad for tea. Unfortunately our site was adjacent to a light that did an excellent job in attraction insects. We ended up with at least 50 insects in the van but managed to remove them before we went to bed. We also managed to find a swarm of wasps that created a challenge for “Him” as he cooked tea on the BBQ. “She” was not worried about “Him” getting stung but was more concerned of the possibility of the liberal amount of spray being used finding its way on the food.

We had a very comfortable night having cooled the van to 20 degrees before “lights out”. Tomorrow we travel across the mountains to Lakes Entrance. Temperature forecast is for the high 30’s in Victoria but hopefully it will be a little lower on the coast. Temperature for the high parts on the Great Alpine drive is 20 degrees (we might be tempted to stay!!).

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