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11 March 2008 – Tumut to Wangaratta

We thought summer finished at the end of February. It actually feels like it started at the beginning of March. Last night was hot but after running the air-conditioning until late, we had a reasonable night’s sleep. The news today spoke about the high temperatures and the likelihood of mid 30’s for the rest of the week. This was the Tumut forecast and a comment was passed it would be hotter to the south. One of the reasons in coming this way was to experience the “Chilly” alpine weather. Not this trip!

Up at 6.00am, showers, breakfast and away at 9.30am. Last half hour before departure was talking to the owners of RV 100,000 produced by Jayco. We had actually read about it in a magazine. Once again there was information to be gained from talking to other travellers, the location we have chosen for the Flinders’ Ranges not the best and an alternative was suggested. We gave our new friends a business card (handy to have) and there is a good change they will email us with their whereabouts in the middle of the year and we may catch-up again.

We had a sedate drive to Holbrook where we stopped for photograph “2” of the “Big Things”. Number “2” is a submarine. The above waterline part of the former HMAS Otway now resides in a park at Holbrook. Holbrook is actually named after Norman Holbrook who was a British submariner and the holder of the Victoria Cross. His widow donated $100,000 towards the acquisition of the submarine and the erection of the current display.

After Holbrook we continued down the Hume Highway with a stop about 15 kilometres short of Albury at the Ettamogah Pub. This is the original pub.

We did a quick shop at Albury before finding a shady spot for lunch near the Murray River. Outside temperature was around 35 degrees.

Wangaratta was another 65 kilometres down the road and we stopped at a local wool manufacturer to buy some yarn for our daughter-in-law before heading back to the local Big 4 caravan park. Chicken legs for tea tonight washed down with a bottle of fine wine before an early night so we have our strength for our assault on Brown Brothers winery tomorrow. I’ll probably write the Wednesday blog entry on Thursday as my Braille is currently not up to speed.

It’s 38 degrees now and the air-conditioning is not really doing anything to cool the motor-home.

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