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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



9 March 2008 – Ulladulla to Cooma

The alarm was set for 6.00am, we got up at 6.30am. We had a quick breakfast and “She” decided to have a shower in the motor-home. When you have about 15 litres of hot water, a motor-home shower has to happen in about 2 minutes. 3 minutes after “She” starts the shower, an announcement is made that the bottom of the shower is full of water. Sure enough, the base was full of water. “He” had a look “under” the vehicle but without sufficient space to get under, there was not a lot to see. It was a little concerning to see drop of water going from the area near to shower waste exit. The water was removed by using a bucket and chamois with the intention of trying to locate someone during the trip who could look at the problem.


Shortly afterwards, “She” decided for a quick visit to the amenities block and it was during this time that the van was readied for departure. Power was disconnected, the vehicle was removed from the levelling blocks, screens were removed, GPS programmed and most items stowed for travel. Eventually “She” returned accompanied by several other park residents eager to look at the problem. This would turn out to be a classic example of how travellers are prepared to help each other. There were several more inspections made under the van , water was flushed into the shower by garden hose but to no avail. So, the day 2 departure is also 1.5 hours behind schedule. The destination today is Cooma and we need to be there by 2.00pm for a visit to a relative.


First stop was Mogo where we enjoyed thick shakes, second stop was just short of Bega where we had lunch and a driver change. We left the Pacific Highway before Bega taking the Snowy Mountains Highway up Brown’s Mountain then through to Cooma.

Overnight was at Snowtel Caravan Park.


We were about 30 minutes late visiting relatives but the afternoon went well. A local pizza for tea followed by another look at the shower problem. Surprise, surprise, the water appears to be leaving the shower. We will continue to watch the water flow to se if the problem reappears but it may have been as simple as a air lock in the pipe. Tomorrow is Tumut.

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