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15 June 2007 – Renmark to Hay

The alarm went off a 6.30am (6.00 SA time) and we learnt from the radio that it was minus 4.7 degrees outside.  It was cold!  We have been fortunate in the fact that the air conditioning in the van provides adequate heat and we have yet to try it on “full”.

We took some photographs of the mist over the Murray before departing just prior to 9.00am.  Today was a fairly long drive to position us for a short trip to Wagga on Saturday before the final part of the journey on Sunday.

Today we travelled in three states, South Australia, Victoria and finally New South Wales.  We also followed the Murray River for sometime before heading back towards the desert on the way to Hay.  It is amazing to not the difference in the condition of the road when changing states.   NSW roads are well behind the other states!

First brief stop was in Mildura before crossing the border into NSW.

The drive was actually very boring with the only relief being the sighting of emu’s along side the road.   We saw our first police radar trap today (out in the middle of nowhere) and it was disappointing to note a campervan being booked for “Just” exceeding the speed limit.

We could not bring ourselves to preparing an evening meal and the hotel adjacent to the caravan park provided us with sufficient attraction for us to venture there for a quick drink before dinner in their dining room.  A most enjoyable evening.


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