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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



10 June 2007 – Marla to Coober Pedy

Up at 6.30am for an 8.00am departure.  Today we only had to drive 240 kilometres but we managed to add to that with a sidetrip to an area known as “The Breakaways” followed by a trip into the desert to see some of “The Breakaways” close up and also the dingo fence.

Today we passed a fair amount of road kill including one small kangaroo being devoured by several eagles.  Two of the eagles left but the third held its ground in the middle of our side of the road.   We were amazed to see the eagle stare us down and I am sure that we would have killed the eagle had we held our line.   It was fortunate that there was no other traffic around.

There are simply not the right words to describe what we saw today at “The Breakaways”.  The area is remote with remarkable mounds and hills scatters on the desert floor.  There are remarkable colours.  Beyond this area is the dingo fence which is the longest fence in the world.It protects the sheep in the east from the dingo.  We also saw an area said to be identical to Mars.

After 30 kilometres on dirt roads, we arrived at Coober Pedy and set up camp at the caravan park.  We agreed that Blue Snoopy should be renamed to Brown Snoopy as the motor-home is now very dirty.

We visited a couple of local attractions during the afternoon including the “Old Timers” mine where we saw working mining equipment plus the chance to look for some opal colour in a “noodle” pit.  We also had the opportunity to explore the mine which was the first in Coober Pedy but is now a tourist attraction.  The mine also includes an underground house.

Chicken and pasta for tea followed by a video call to Mum and “His” sister then the family at home.Tomorrow we are booked on a local tour.

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