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9 June 2007 – Yulara to Marla

The alarm went off at 6.00am and after breakfast, “He” went to the local lookout to watch the sunrise.

We departed the camp site about 7.45am and stopped at the post office to post a letter to Bruce & Jeannie and to purchase a couple of items from the supermarket.

After leaving Yulara, we headed to Erldunda (junction of the Lasseter and Stuart Highways).  We saw a kangaroo close to the road but it retreated into the bush as we passed. Maybe the whistles do work (http://www.austhobi.com/product.htm). We also saw an elderly gentleman walking along the Lasseter Highway holding two camels, one which was pulling a wagon.  We also had to slow down for cows on the side of the road.

It is curious to note that to-date, we have seen more wildlife in zoos than what we have seen on this trip.

After a brief stop at Eldunda, we headed south to our overnight stay at Marla. The campground is on the basis of “first come first served” and we had a reasonable spot for the night.  For $17 we had far better value than what Voyagers had to offer at both locations we stayed at.  We recommend this place for an overnight stop.

We met Arnold at Marla and we determined that he knows Derek, Arnolds brother was married to Derek’s sister.

Tea consisted of steak and salad.

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